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Connected data' is data collected from individual portals in accordance with Article 14 of the 「Public Data Management Guidelines」

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    Management of the territory public institutions

    JSON rentalHouseList
    Providing information on housing complexes managed by LH Corporation

    Modified 2023-09-20

    Views 11603

    Request for Usage 775

    keyword LH Corporation,,housing welfare,rental house

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    Education public institutions

    XML Human Resources Development Service of Korea_ Human Resources Development Service of Korea_ National
    A file that summarizes the competency units and competency unit elements of the training standards (1,039 occupations) for the use of the National Competency Standards (NCS) in training institutions.

    Modified 2024-04-26

    Views 15268

    Request for Usage 341

    keyword National Competency Standard,,NCS,Training standards

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    Unification Administrative Agency

    XML Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs _ Independence Merit Log Information
    The information offering including the exploit rock in the achievement about the people getting the national Foundation order, foundation of a country.establishment of a country packing, and commendation of president according to the Decorations Act as the independence activists, independent movement feed, and etc

    Modified 2023-06-08

    Views 5262

    Request for Usage 388

    keyword Independence Movement History,,achievement,record of merit

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    Health care Administrative Agency

    XML JSON Clinical study registration statistics
    Registration statistics of clinical research information registered in clinical research information service

    Modified 2024-02-16

    Views 7923

    Request for Usage 80

    keyword Clinical research,,clinical trial,online registration

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    Unification Administrative Agency

    XML Information of military service qualification
    Providing information on the qualifications held by military service personnel nationwide
    * Qualifications, family, education, etc., of non-specific tasks such as active duty, reserve army, social service,
    Providing basic information including common information

    Modified 2022-09-25

    Views 3761

    Request for Usage 73

    keyword certificate,,Qualification,Certification information


  • Education public institutions

    National University Open Lecture Service Information (KOCW) Standard Data
    For standard data attribute information (allowable values, expression format/unit, etc.) provided by public data, please refer to the full text of [Public Data Provision Standards] (Public Data Portal > Information Sharing > Data Room).

    Modified 2023-12-29

    Views 4740

    Download 6467

  • Transportation logistics Autonomous Administration Agency

    Please check the Korea Expressway Corporation for information provided in bulk.

    Modified 2024-05-23

    Views 21208

    Download 20523


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