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◆ What is commercial information?

Shopping information is information about about 2 million commercial establishments nationwide, and it is key information of commercial information service for establishment and management such as location selection, industry conversion, store history, competition analysis, and marketing. In order to support the successful establishment of SMEs and the selection of industries, the Market Promotion Corporation of the Small Business Corporation opens about 2 million items, 43 items of comprehensive commercial information by region and industry. In addition, high-quality merchant information can be utilized through the comprehensive merchandise analysis service that collects and utilizes shopping information of the National Pension Corporation, private institutions (NICE evaluation information, SKP, Smartro, Hyundai MNS Soft, etc.).

Does that any data they open?

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Delivery method

Small business owner market promotion corporation

Shop name information (business name, branch name, address, street name, new postal code, commercial number, standard industrial classification code, etc.)

Commercial information (large, small, small)

2 million

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<Providing market information information system for small business owners market promotion center>

How can I use it?

Consumers can use various services such as customized store recommendation service to suit their consumption type by utilizing shopping information. In addition, it is anticipated that the cost of start-up consulting will be reduced by 4.6 billion won per year, due to the emergence of new services in the consulting and brokerage market, and the emergence of similar jobs such as start-up coordinators. Especially, it is expected that preliminary founders will be able to select promising items by utilizing commercial license analysis data, trade history data, local distribution information, sales data of private data, and commercial population analysis service. Finally, if a marketing platform service is developed that is specialized in local commercial area using open market information, it is expected to be a great help to support traditional market and commercial market activation with specialized marketing strategy tailored to the region.