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Traffic accident information

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What is traffic accident information?

This information consists of traffic fatality accident information reported to the police, information on accident-prone areas by transportation vulnerable and accident characteristics, and road risk index for each link in real time calculated through convergence analysis with data on past traffic accidents, weather, and unexpected accidents. This is important information that is very closely related to the public's traffic safety and accident prevention activities and can have an impact on related statistical analysis and the three-dimensional map guidance service market. The National Police Agency and the Road Traffic Authority provide 22 items of traffic accident information, accident-prone location information, and road risk including traffic fatal accident location information through the traffic accident analysis system ( and the public data portal. Open the index. Through this, we have laid the foundation for providing various services that can reduce traffic accidents in various industries.

What data is being released?

The Road Traffic Authority open data information table shows information on data provider, open data, total number of open cases, and provision method.

Data provider

open data

number of data

Delivery method

National Police Agency

Traffic accident information (traffic fatal accident location information, pedestrian jaywalking accident frequent area information and 7 other types, accident risk area information,

Truck, two-wheeled vehicle, tunnel, roundabout accident information)

About 230,000 cases

open API,

file data

Road Traffic Authority

Road risk index by link ( calculated using traffic accident, weather, unexpected, communication, time zone, road type, and vehicle type information)

About 1.44 million cases

Open API

How can I use it?

Private industries such as navigation companies can improve the accuracy of accident guidance and expand the diversity of guidance content through more three-dimensional map guidance services. (ex. When passing through a specific area at a specific time, the area is between 00:00 and 00:00. (Notification that it is a high-risk area where fatal accidents are concentrated) In addition, an automatic notification service can be provided to drivers when passing through an area with frequent fatal accidents, which can be expected to have a preemptive accident reduction effect. By using the road risk index (safety, caution, risk, serious) for each link that will be opened from 2019, safe roads can be selected according to the driver's preference from the point of route search, and differentiated roads according to road type and driver vehicle type. A risk index can be provided. In the insurance industry, policyholder satisfaction is expected to increase through various special contracts and premium option products using open data. When conducting research on traffic safety, research institutions are expected to be able to secure diversity in research and improve the accuracy of accident analysis and statistical data by utilizing traffic accident information in addition to the traffic traffic information already provided. Local governments will be able to revitalize public projects such as reorganizing road structures and improving signal systems in areas with frequent traffic accidents. Above all, the use of location information on traffic fatal accidents is expected to improve people's stability and convenience through the effect of reducing social costs by reducing the traffic accident rate and increasing job creation due to the development of the data industry.