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What is Healthcare Bigdata ?

The Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service provides vital data on vital healthcare data such as medical information, medical supplies, and medical resource information to public and private information consumers through the HIRA system. National medical information is medical big data analyzing and refining information gathered in real time through various information such as medical information of all citizens, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and related organizations.

Does that any data they open?

   Data provider

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Number of data

Delivery method

Health Insurance Review and Evaluation Center

- 50 million people in the whole country, 87,000 medical institutions in the nation

- medical treatment information, drug information, treatment material information

  528 billion

File data,

Open API

<Providing Healthcare Big Big Data Open System for Health Insurance Screening Evaluation Center>

How can I use it?

In the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment industry, medical institutions, universities and research institutes, big data such as public health promotion, strengthening competitiveness of healthcare industry, revitalizing research, Value creation will be possible.

In the pharmaceutical and medical device industry , the health information database, which is a prerequisite for the production of smart health care devices, is constructed by utilizing the open health medical big data. Big data analysis provides users with self-management and prevention information, It is expected that it will provide a foundation for the production of devices.

The preliminary start-up and training of professional manpower is expected to support the start-up of the healthcare field and the discovery of the new business with the expansion of the data utilization with high utilization of the private use such as medical treatment at the hospital.