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National Health Information?

The National Health Information is information on the medical history, drug prescription history, and health checkup information for 1 million people from 2002 to 2013, which is about 2% of the national health insurance qualified people (all citizens). As public interest related to health has increased, the number of health care support and health information related businesses has been steadily increasing, but it was difficult to provide various contents production and services because of the limited information available in the relevant business. In order to revitalize the health-related industry, the National Health Insurance Corporation (NHIC) has selected 62 items of public health information and about 400 million items as public data portal ( and national health insurance data sharing service ( .

Does that any data they open?

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National Health Insurance Corporation

Medical history information (form code, medical examination code, resume bottle code, number of days of care, number of hospital days, etc.)

Drug prescription history information (drug generic name code, single dose, daily dose, total administration days, unit price, amount, etc.)

Health checkup information (height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, vision, oral cavity, smoking, drinking etc.)

About 400 million

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How can I use it?

In the health / medical science (associations, universities, research institutes, etc.), it is possible to conduct systematic research activities related to the national health using the national health information data. Health Information Utilization Industry can utilize national health information data to produce various contents such as contents that can compare the health status of a specific individual and a group similar to the health status information of each region (trial) and age group. In pharmaceutical companies, strategies for related business activities can be established by using the information of prescription history by trial and drug, and insurance companies can use it as research data for insurance product development. Companies that utilize body size (such as apparel producers) will be able to develop new products in a systematic manner by providing information on height, weight, and waist circumference for large samples.