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◆ What is statutory information data ?

The statutory information data is all the statutory information of our country including the statutes, administrative regulations, autonomous laws, judicial precedents, statute interpretation cases, administrative judgments, and the constitutional court decisions of Korea.

The Legislation has opened a total of 300,000 laws and regulations on 12 kinds of statutory information including the National Legislation Information Joint Application Center and the Public Data Portal , including over 4,500 national laws and regulations, and about 911 self-governing laws including 243 local laws and ordinances . In addition, it is possible to compare and search at a glance through the opening of additional information such as three-stage comparison, new law comparison and statutory information, so that anyone can easily utilize all legal information.

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Current laws, treaties, English laws and ordinances, administrative rules, self-governing laws, statute interpretations, precedents, administrative judgments, precedents

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It is expected that the civilian economy will be activated and social benefits will be increased due to the release of statutory information. The citizens can solve the problems that they have been passing through because they do not know about them regularly, and they can easily check the unreasonable regulations of their local governments and demand improvement.

Prospective entrepreneurs will be able to select entrepreneurial items with legal counseling services that utilize statutory information, or services that create added value by converging information and technologies from other fields. As such, the legal information provided by the open API can be easily created by each institution or individual, and can be used without any additional management or updating because it is possible to create a new statutory app / web service and is linked in real time.