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◆ What is consolidated financial information?

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOFA) is a public finance information system ( and an open data portal (, which are integrated financial information disclosure systems that collect financial information and financial statistical information in one place. ) To open financial information closely related to people's lives. In addition to the financial information managed by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance (such as expenditure and expenditure, revenues and income budgeting), financial information managed by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the National Statistical Office, and the National Tax Service is open. We have improved understanding and access to finance through a variety of visualization materials tailored to the needs of the public and demand. We can easily search and utilize 794 financial support information such as health, medical care, employment, entrepreneurship, This is possible.

Does that any data they open?

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Ministry of Strategy and Finance

Current expenditure / expenditure budget, revenue / income budget, national accounts,

Commodity management management report, national bond status, state subsidies by sector, etc. 135 items

141 cases

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Open API


Budget, fund management plan, leasehold-private-sector (BTL) ceiling, supplementary budget

4 cases

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Budget, tax revenue and taxes

3 cases

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Ministry of Public Administration and Security

Local finance budget status, Local finance settlement status, Local finance consolidated financial balance

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<Financial information disclosure system provided by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance>

How can I use it?

If the financial information is opened, the public will be able to solve the questions about the tax use history, and the government will contribute to improving the transparency and reliability of the budget operation. With financial information open, the financial industry is expected to utilize public data such as the state of bonds to enable the management of government bonds, comparison of interest rates on deposit loans, and new financial business related to insurance. In the case of the construction industry, it is expected that the increase of the business profit rate and the financial information related to the revenues and revenues through the leasehold private capital (BTL) limit information will help decision making of domestic enterprises and private investment in overseas expansion. In addition, it is expected that the economic ripple effect from the creation of new service business, such as finance-related mobile app development, which can easily check economic indicators by using financial indicators and financial trend information as risk measurement and analysis data, is expected to be large.