Request Open Government Data

If you request Open Government Data that is not provided by the Open Government Data portal, you may receive it after deliberation.

Open Government Data Provision

The Open Government Data provision system provides Open Government Data processed in an optical or electronic manner by interconnecting databases created, acquired and managed by central/local governments, public sector organizations, etc. It is a system to create new businesses and jobs through private use, and to improve citizens' convenience.

If you are accessing data and making a request for data because your right to information, disclosure should be made through the Information Disclosure Portal ( accordance with the OFFICIAL INFORMATION DISCLOSURE ACT . (Example: Report on operation of institutions, their debt, budget, CCTV video data, inspection results, etc.)
For information and application of complaints, visit the government civil service portal, Government24 ( (E.g.: building ledger, etc., a copy, medical registration certificate, local tax payment certificate, etc.)
Please apply directly to the relevant public institution for various certificates that are not applied by the Government Civil Service Portal Government24 (
(Example: graduation certificate, health insurance premium payment receipt, test scores, etc.)

* Requests for information access, information disclosure, and civil petitions for the purpose of the public's right to know are received through the information disclosure portal (, and when applying through the Open Government Data portal, the applicant is notified (email) and terminated.

Enactment and enforcement of the Open Government Data Act

Enactment of 「ACT ON PROMOTION OF THE PROVISION AND USE OF Open Government Data (Open Government Data Act)」(2013.6.31) and enforcement (2013.10.31)

Procedure and Method of Remedy for discordance

STEP 1 Open Government Data
Check availability

Check whether the desired Open Government Data is provided on the Open Government Data portal.
If provided, it can be used immediately, and if not provided, an application for provision of Open Government Data will be filled out and submitted.

STEP 2 Open Government Data
Submit Application form

If the Open Government Data portal does not provide the desired Open Government Data, fill out and submit an application for Open Government Data provision.
※ Please be careful to not include personal information, etc. when filling out the application form, and we inform you that the completed application form is not valid for evidence for various reports and complaints.
The head of the public institution receiving the application notifies the applicant of the application, and the receiving department transfers it to the department in charge or the competent institution.

STEP 3 Deliberation on availability

The head of the public institution who received the application said that the data contains the information subject to non-disclosure (Public Institution Information Disclosure Act), the “Copyright Act'' and the rights of a third party protected by other laws and regulations. It must be determined whether to be provided within 10 days from the date of receipt of the request after reviewing if it is included in the information that has not been granted a legitimate license, and if inevitable, it can be extended to the range limit of 10 days.

STEP 4 Provide Open
Government Data
(10 days)

When the head of a public institution decides to provide Open Government Data after deliberation on whether to provide it, he/she must immediately notify the applicant of the provision method and procedure, and register the Open Government Data Catalog on the Open Government Data portal.
If the applicant decides to refuse to provide the requested Open Government Data, the head of the public institution shall immediately notify the applicant and the Ministry of the Interior and Safety of the details and reasons of the decision to refuse.

Procedure and Method of Remedy for Objection

If the applicant disagrees with the decision to refuse to provide Open Government Data by a public institution, the applicant shall mediate the dispute at Open Data Medication Committee ( or the Open Government Data portal within 60 days of receiving the notification of the decision to refuse to provide the Open Government Data. (Office: 02-6191-2064,

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※ Check if the data is actually released in the Open Government Data portal before submitting an application.