Pan-government public data utilization start-up competition

A program to discover and foster ideas for solving national/social issues using public data and creative and innovative business models

public offering

Proposal of a new business model based on single or multiple data among various public data fields
① Idea planning ② Product and service development
Creative ideas using public data Products/services using existing public data OR products/services developed by convergence of public data with products/services that do not utilize public data

Propulsion method

< Criteria for exclusion and withdrawal from the integrated main round >

❶ In the event that a participant wins the current start-up competition with a product or service that is the same or similar to one already submitted
- Items that have previously won awards (identical or similar) in this contest
- Items that have received similar awards in startup contests held by government, municipal, or public institutions in the past three years
※ Items supported by technology development funds and startup support funds from government, provincial governments, and public institutions are not eligible.
    This exclusion applies to items such as those commercialized through startup-leading universities and startup success packages.
➋ Teams that advanced to the 'Challenge! K-Startup 2024' integrated main round with projects or products that are the same or similar to those previously submitted
❸ Items that infringe or may infringe intellectual property rights, including patents and utility models
* A utility model is a design for the shape, structure, or combination of goods that can be industrially utilized and is a type of intellectual property right
※ The above are the basic participation requirements for the '12th Pan-Government Public Data Utilization Startup Contest'. Participants must also review the detailed participation qualifications for each qualifying preliminary match, as these may vary slightly by organization

< Etc >
O If a team wins awards for the same or similar ideas or products/services in both "Challenge! K-Startup 2024" and this competition’s institutional preliminaries, they may choose to advance in only one of the competitions to the integrated main round.
O Should the same or similar idea or product/service receive multiple awards in the institutional qualifiers of this competition, the team may choose only one qualifier through which to advance to the integrated main round.
O In the case of an institutional qualifier co-hosted by multiple organizations, only one team per division within each qualifier will advance to the Combined Finals.
O Ideas disclosed post-application and acceptance into the 12th Pan-Government Public Data Utilization Startup Contest cannot be legally protected. Applicants must secure intellectual property rights prior to disclosure to ensure protection.
O Participants assume full civil and criminal liability for copying the ideas, techniques, or other intellectual properties of others. O Developers must ensure that open APIs comply with the standard conditions provided by the organizing bodies during development, distribution, and commercialization processes O The determination of whether submitted ideas and products are similar or identical enough to warrant exclusion or advancement will be based on the majority vote of the judges. O Public verification of plagiarism, stealing, duplicate applications, and other irregularities among nominees for the consolidated final round and the Wangjung Wangjeon award will be conducted, adhering to the "Guidelines for Operating Contests Organized by Administrative Organizations".