Pan-government public data utilization start-up competition

A program to discover and foster ideas for solving national/social issues using public data and creative and innovative business models

public offering

Proposal of a new business model based on single or multiple data among various public data fields
① Idea planning ② Product and service development
Creative ideas using public data Products/services using existing public data OR products/services developed by convergence of public data with products/services that do not utilize public data

Propulsion method

Criteria for exclusion of participation and cancellation of prize

1) In case of winning the existing start-up competition with the same or similar item
- Previous 「Public Data Utilization Startup Contest」 winners (teams) or award items
- Winners of similar start-up competitions held by the central, provincial, municipal, and public institutions within the past 3 years
※ Technology development funds and start-up support funds supported by the government, provincial and provincial governments, public institutions, etc. are not applicable.
(ex : Commercialization of startup items from startup leading universities, startup success package, etc.)

2) Items that infringe or may infringe intellectual property rights such as patents and utility models* of others
※ Utility model: A design for the shape, structure or combination of goods that can be used in industry, a kind of intellectual property right
< Etc >
If multiple (two or more) awards are received by applying for the same idea or product/service in the preliminary rounds held by each institution this year, the award cannot be duplicated.
Ideas disclosed after application for and reception of the 10th Pan-Government Public Data Utilization Startup Contest cannot be protected legally.
Participants are responsible for all civil and criminal liability for imitating other people's ideas, technologies, etc.
If there is an Open API, the standard conditions of the provider must be complied with when developing, distributing, and commercializing it.
If the same item is supported by an in-house venture of a large company, there may be a deduction of points in the evaluation of the finals and championships.

※ This information is based on 2023 (11th), and 2024 (12th) competition will be updated around April