open square-D

A ‘data utilization comprehensive support space’ that provides various support programs for data-based economic and social value creation

Application Program Guide

- Consulting on public data utilization

According to the needs of prospective founders, early-stage companies, and general consumers, customized data utilization services such as public data utilization guidance and consultation, expert matching consulting, etc.
Answer usage process

- Public data utilization and AI training

- Public data utilization and AI training

Operate training courses using public data for various consumers who are interested in using public data and starting a business, raising awareness of public data utilization and strengthening basic data utilization capabilities
Guide to Understanding Public Data Guide to using public data Public Data Analysis Visualization AI Practice Guide ※ Open customized courses according to educational needs and demands and operate online and offline

Regional base Open Square-D

Establishment and operation of 6 locations nationwide in cooperation with local specialized agencies to support discovery and use of local data companies and to promote the use of public data Offline hub for continuous networking such as support for public data utilization, cooperation between users of public data, and community
region opening date location operating institution
Seoul ‘22. March~ Seoul StartupHub Gongdeok National Information Society Agency
Busan ‘17. 4. 7. Haeundae Centum Technology Startup Town 6th Floor Busan Techno Park
Gangwon ‘18. 6.27. Hanllym University DoHeon Global School, First floor Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center
Daejeon ‘19. 1.16. Daejeon KAIST Nano Advanced Technology Center 9th floor Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center
Dae-gu ’19. 8.21. SW Convergence Tech Biz Center 2nd floor Daegu Digital Innovation Promotion Agency
Gwangju ’19.12. 6. I-Plex Gwangju 1st floor Gwangju Techno Park
※ Relocated to Open Square-D Seoul :Sookmyung Women's University Business Incubation Center(‘16. January) → Seoul StartupHub Gongdeok(‘22nd March~)


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