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Notice 2nd recruitment of public data youth interns (work-experienced trainees) in 2021 File Attachment 1,490 2021-07-29
Notice Publication of 「Q&A Book of Practical Guide to Provision of Pseudonym Information in the Public Sector」 (‘21.7) File Attachment 117 2021-07-20
Notice Information on the online briefing session on the provision of pseudonym information in the public sector in 2021 (6/25 (Fri), 13:30~14:30) File Attachment 331 2021-06-23
Notice 「Guidelines for Standardization of Databases of Public Institutions」 Revised Notice File Attachment 829 2021-06-07
2152 [Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport_National Spatial Information Portal] API service suspension due to emergency inspection (28 types) 22 2021-07-29
2150 [Small and Medium Business Bank] OPEN API Disposal and Alternative Service Information 38 2021-07-28
2148 [Library of the National Assembly] Temporary suspension of new applications for OPEN API service at the National Assembly Electronic Library 56 2021-07-26
2147 [Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication Postal Service Headquarters] Addition of response variables for volleyball classification code inquiry service 72 2021-07-23
2146 [National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science, Rural Development Administration] Today's Flower Inquiry Service API (2.0) Implementation Guide 71 2021-07-23
2145 [Ministry of Public Administration and Security] Temporary suspension of service due to 1365 volunteer OPEN API DB redundancy 74 2021-07-22