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◆ What is local administration information ?

Local administrative information is important information that can be closely related to national economic activity and affect the entire domestic industry with various personal and license data accumulated over 50 years at various licenses and permits. The Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs has opened about 300 million data of 463 kinds of fields such as small businesses, foodstuffs, logistics, medical care through the trial and new system. Through this, we have changed the population distribution in the area where we live, facilities and facilities, specialized medical institutions, House information, and so on.

Does that any data they open?

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Ministry of Public Administration and Security

(Local administrative data) 463 items

Traffic logistics (city buses, buses, general taxis, etc.), tourism (tourism and lodging business, domestic and foreign travel, etc.)

(Including livestock breeding, animal hospitals, etc.), cultural athletics (public facilities, theaters, etc.)

Health care (hospitals, pharmacies, health clinics, etc.), social welfare (daycare centers, welfare centers for the elderly, etc.)

Small businesses (cosmetics, telecom, etc.), industrial employment (oil sales, employment agencies, etc.)

(General restaurants, food sales, etc.), status of qualifications (licensed real estate agents, hairdressers, cooks, etc.)

Environment (air pollutant discharge facility, construction waste disposal business, etc.)

  About 300 million

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Providing system for opening local administrative data of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security

How can I use it?

Small and medium-sized businesses, IT service industry associations, universities, research institutes, etc., will be able to analyze systematic data using open local administrative data without conducting direct survey or sampling. In the tourism industry, it will be possible to grasp the location of amusement parks and restaurants using open data, and it will be possible to establish a marketing strategy that specializes in the customization of travel products. It is expected that preliminary founders will be able to select promising items by utilizing commercial license analysis data, trade history data, local distribution information, sales data of private data, and commercial analysis service that combines the floating population. It will provide information on what is promising industries in a particular area or where it is appropriate to build a chicken house, which will help prospective retirees who are just preparing for a second life.