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Hello, this is the Public Data Quality Support Group. We are pleased to announce that the 'Open Data Standardization' maintenance period for the Public Data Portal Workforce Maintenance (Ministry of Public Administration and Security Public Affairs Policy-3721, 2019.08.09) has been extended as follows. -Reason for extension: Due to lack of deliberation period (approximately 7 days) due to the increase of new open data of public data portal, and the increase of work burden due to the tight schedule of the institution due to the large number of new uploaded files in the period -Extended period: 10 days (~ 9.30 days for registered files) * Institutions subject to 'public data quality management level evaluation' (local governments, central administrative agencies) will reflect the error rate of file data based on files uploaded by 9.30. * Refer to Bulletin Board> Information Sharing> Quality Diagnosis> Maintenance Work Progress TIP (formerly [FAQ] FAQ).

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